FR-LSH Cable

Increasing human habitation has brought a lot of people and families living closer to each other within a single housing or commercial complex and therefore the need for cables to be safe and efficient is paramount. Tamra FR-LSH cables area made from specially formulated PVC polymers that restrict the toxic gases and smoke and are therefore safe, reliable, fire resistant, lead resistant lead free and non toxic alternative.


Salient Features

Some comparative technical features are given in the details below

Feature Standard Range Flame Retardent FR Special Range
Flame Retardent Low Smoke & Halogen FR-LSH LSZH/HFFR/ZHFR
Insulation material Spl. PVC Spl. PVC Spl. Polymer
Insulation Property Good Good Very Good
Temperature rating 70°C 70°C 70°C
Thermal Stability Good Good Very Good
Flame Retadancy Very Good Very Good Excellent
Safety During Burning Good Good Excellent
Requirment of Critical Oxygen Index As Per ASTMD-2863 to Catch Fire (%) >30 >30 >35
Temperature Index >250°C >250°C >280°C
Light Transmission(Visibility)
During Cable As Per
ASTMD-2843 to catch Fire(%)
Release of alogen Gas
During Burning (%)
Abrasion Resistance During Installation Good Good Good