HR / ZHFR Wires / HFFR

Our Heat Resistant Cables can withstand upto 85 C / 105 C (as per requirement) operating conductor temperature. Tamra HR Cables have 30% more current carrying capacity in comparison to FR Cables.

Tamra Zero Halogen Fire Retardant Cables are recommended specially in a situation where high degree of safety of personnel and equipment are used for application like Hotels, Theaters, Hospitals, High-rise buildings, Commercial complexes, Centrally A.C. offices, Residential properties etc. Owing to its special insulation characteristics the wires continue to provide uninterrupted power supply even during fire- keeping alive fire alarm circuits, exit lights, Lifts & other emergency Circuits. Tamra ZHFR Cables are made to International standards and carry a guarantee that far exceeds the minimum requirements.


Single Core, ZHFR Insulated Cables In Voltage Grage 1100V

Nominal area of Conductor( Number/Nom. Dia. of wire (Nos./mm) Nominal thickness of Insulation (mm) Approx. Overall Diameter (mm) Max dc Resistance @20°C (Ohms/Km.) Current Rating (Amps.)
1.0 32/0.2 0.6 2.6 19.50 13
1.5 30/0.25 0.7 2.9 13.30 17
2.5 50/0.25 0.8 3.6 7.98 24
4.0 56/.3 0.8 4.0 4.95 30
6.0 84/.3 0.8 4.6 3.30 38